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Bug#2313: xterm keymapping problems suspected

 Raul Miller <rdm@gopher.legislate.com> siad:

> The right way to solve the problem is give the Linux console distinct
> Backspace and Delete key symbols, so that X can pick them up.

but went on to say:

>                                                                I think
> that both of these should typically generate the ascii 127 character.
> This would go into the kbd package and the kernel and should be
> coordinated with upstream.

These two statements seem to conflict with one another.

It seems to me that the the key mappings (both X and non-X) should
have the backspace key generate the BS char ('\010', ^H), and the
DEL key generate the DEL char ('\177'), and that applications
(X11 or not) should be able to use this to distinguish between
these two keys.

(it's still a mystery to me where the keypad-period key (key 83) gets
 bound to the Remove string defined in the loaded keymap when numlock
 is not active, or why it's not bound to the same definition to which
 the DEL key is bound)

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