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should floppy install be de-supported? (was: MSDOS name conversion)

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996 18:41:54 +0100, sr1@irz.inf.tu-dresden.de (Sven Rudolph) said:

> How many people do maintain a system using floppies ? I used to
> assume that nearly nobody transfers more than the base system using
> floppies.  Experienced people should be able to split the files, or
> tar them onto some disks, or build a slip, plip or ethernet
> connection or connect a tape or ...  Not so Linux-experienced people
> are expected to buy a CD.

It looks like the REAL question here is "should Debian continue to
support installation from floppies?"  If not, then the msdos tree
should be removed.  This would eliminate the hassle for the
distribution maintainers and the (apparent) annoyance of the
well-connected, floppy-free majority.  ;-)

If Debian is continue to support installation from floppies, then
splitting files in the main binary tree is the way to go, IMO.  But
then, you already know that.  :-)


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