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Bug#2307: xpm4.7 has no Maintainer field

Package: xpm4.7
Version: 3.4g-1

>From the devel tree's Packages file:

 Package: xpm4.7
 version: 3.4g-1
 depends: libc5, elf-x11r6lib
 conflicts: xpm
 filename: development/binary-i386/x11/xpm4.7-3.4g-1.deb
 size: 34276
 md5sum: 0590bb23a3ba857a2ca65d657cc942fc
 description: XPM runtime libraries.
  XPM (X PixMap) is a format for storing and retrieving pixmaps to
  and from files.  This package includes a library for including,
  storing, reading and writing the XPM format.  It also includes
  a tool for converting and viewing XPM files.

Also, the version number and package name are somewhat confusing.  Are
they correct ?


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