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Re: Contents and Packages-Master

In message <[🔎] m0tkZsy-0002aLC@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>, Ian Jackson writes:
>Should the Contents file reflect the union of all the architectures,
>or should there be one per architecture ?

Unless there is going to be a way for the user to find out that item X
only exists for debian-sparc, I think one per architecture.

While I think a union list might be more interesting, I don't think
it's going to be more usable.

Let the record show, though, that I've never actually _used_ the
Contents file for anything.

>Should there be several Packages-Master files, one for each
>architecture, or just an i386-based one, or should I just abolish it
>(it seems to cause confusion) ?

Abolish.  Same caveat as above.

"I never worry, why should I.  It's all gonna fade."

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