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Re: Turn our web pages black, please

> > That said, if anybody can tell me how to get netscape to ignore *all* text
> > colour directives, I'd be much happier about the whole thing.  :-)
> There are some overrides in one of the preference dialogs...

I looked there, but all I could find was a few options controlling colours
for *images*.

Anyway, Richard Kaszeta provided me with a solution which seems to be
working quite nicely.  Just set the following X resources:

Netscape*documentColorsHavePriority:            False
Netscape*defaultBackground:			gray90
Netscape*blinkingEnabled:			False

Thanks again, Richard!


Warwick Harvey                                    email: warwick@cs.mu.OZ.AU
Department of Computer Science                        phone: +61-3-9287-9171
University of Melbourne                                 fax: +61-3-9348-1184
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