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Re: ELF migration questions.

> > >From Ian:
> > > 1.   Ensure that you have at least dpkg-1.0.7, or 1.0.10 if you want
> > >      to be able to use `dpkg-split --split'.

[... stuff deleted]

Perhaps it would be easier to create an 'easy-to-do' debian package that
require you to have the other .deb's for ELF installation with it.  That is,
6 or so debian packages in the same directory as the elf.deb package and
that upgrading package upgrades everything for you perfectly.  If one of
the other debian pacakges it needs isn't there, it bails out and tells the
user to get get the required package(s).  And then the user can remove that
pacakge if so desired knowing full-well that it's now an ELF system.

Seems a much easier way to upgrade from 0.93R6 a.out to 1.1 elf for the
"unknowing user"...


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