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ELF migration questions.

Has anyone come up with a reliable method of cutting-over to ELF
for development?  I tried to do this based upon a discussion of the
topic some time back, between Ian Jackson& David Engel.

The steps were something like the following:

>From Ian:
> 1.   Ensure that you have at least dpkg-1.0.7, or 1.0.10 if you want
>      to be able to use `dpkg-split --split'.

Can someone explain what this does for you? (Just curious)

> 2.   dpkg --install ld.so-<version>.deb

Okay, this seemed to go fine.

> 3.   dpkg --remove libc
>  OR  use dselect to deselect `libc' (ie, select it for removal)
>  If you use dpkg it will produce an error message about dependencies,
>  but it will have noted that you wanted to remove libc.

Yes, dpkg didn't seem to allow me to do this.  I typed the commandline
as specified, but don't remember exectly what the diagnostic was.

> 4.   dpkg --install --auto-deconfigure libc4-<version>.deb
>  This will replace libc with libc4.  It may deconfigure (ie, break)
>  your a.out compiler packages, if you have any installed.
> 5.   dpkg --install libc5-<version>.deb
>  This will install the ELF libc.

These steps seemed to go fine.

I then started to install from devel: gcc, libg++, binutils, aout-binutils,
aout-gcc, electric-fence, libc5-dev, libdb1, libdb1-dev, libgdbm1,
libgdbm1-dev, & perl.  In base I installed  miscutils, modules, mount, mbr,
& sysvinit.  All of these seemed to install just fine.
In the *-dev packages, what does the Packages file mean when it specifies
the package as containing the "development files"?  Should I need these,
or should I have only installed the package without "-dev"?

When I rebooted, I couldn't execute much of anything, any ideas on what
I did wrong? Is there anything I selected that I shouldn't have? Perhaps
my problem is that I don't know when to stop installing ;-).

I have reinstalled the 0.93R6 release (most everything), and am awaiting


Alex Arthur / Huntington, NY
aca@panix.com, artal03@cai.com

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