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Re: /usr/bin/cpp

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, Rob Leslie wrote:

> I don't remember the fallout of the gcc/cpp discussion, but from the
> description of the cpp package, I was led to believe I shouldn't need to
> install it if I already have gcc installed.
> However, without it things like xdm start to break because of a hardcoded
> dependency on /lib/cpp in xrdb.

Thanks for bringing this up - I had intended to, but had forgotten.

At the moment it appears that cpp conflicts with elf-gcc, which is 
provided by gcc-2.7.2. cpp provides elf-gcc.

I have to install the cpp package to make xrdb work. I have to use 
--force-conflicts to install it at the same time as gcc.

This is obviously a bug somewhere. What should be changed? What should I 
make xbase depend on?

Steve Early

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