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Re: libgdbm.so.2?

> Couldn't we just add libgdbm.so.2 as a symlink to libgdbm.so.1? On my system
> I have both, the Slackware so.2 and the Debian so.1 and it works fine. The
> so.2 version is just used for running binaries. The development goes with
> the Debian versions. So I think replacing the so.2 version by a symlink
> would work, too. 

That will work, but in am undesirable way because of how ldconfig and
ld.so work.  Ldconfig will not put an entry in ld.so.cache because it
thinks the symlink is only used at compile time.  As a result ld.so
will not find it until it does a fall back search of /usr/lib and

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