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Bug#1880: Compile error dpkg-1.0.5.tar.gz

Siggy Brentrup writes ("Re: Bug#1880: Compile error dpkg-1.0.5.tar.gz"):
> [ problems with sysinfo(2) ]
> You are providing a version of dpkg that is supposed to compile on
> non-debian systems. As I mentioned in my previous message IMHO it is
> your task to make sure the system supports what you are using.

Well, it's not actually supposed to compile on non-Debian systems, but
I should fix it anyway.

What autoconf macros should I use ?  Test for sysinfo being declared,
and if that fails test for __NR_sysinfo, and if that fails disable the
low-memory-usage algorithm with a nasty warning from configure ?

>     Ian> I'm reassigning this bug to libc5-dev.
> Since I don't wan't to start sort of a ping-pong match, I consider it
> additional information for Bug#1607 and will close it when submitting a
> patch to H.J.Lu.

OK, you've convinced me.  Reopen the bug yourself (so that it gets the
right originator) and reassign it to dpkg :-).


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