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Re: ho hum...

> How about other developers who are not on debian-private?

I added a few people who mentioned they were about to upload their first
package or were otherwise not on the list.

> And, is there a particular reason for keeping the place walled off
> from anonymous access?

Yes. The design is for master.debian.org to have maximum availability to
Debian's package developers. That precludes anonymous downloads. In fact,
we don't want to have too many mirrors hanging off of it. Our plan is for
it to have 1 public mirror, and for other mirror sites to mirror that.
The system is a rather slow processor on a well-connected net, and has no
users other than Debian. We wanted the master site to be one that Debian
"owned", in other words where the administration of the system was geared
entirely toward its use for Debian. The mirror sites don't have that
requirement - not even the primary mirror site.

> There's a message that implies that ftp.debian.org is mirroring or in
> some fashion being updated from master.debian.org.

That is in flux at the moment. Matt had a lot of problem mirroring from
it but he traced it to a bad ethernet board at his site. It's still not
clear that Matt will get to keep his system (he hasn't said he would, and
he hasn't pulled the plug yet) so one of the two sites that has offered so
far may become the master site.


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