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Bug#2269: usr/bin/time has no manpage

  Ian Jackson writes:
  Ian>  Package: time
  Ian>  Version: 1.6-3
  Ian> There is no manpage time(1).
  Ian> I realise that the FSF will not consider this a bug, but I'd like this
  Ian> report to stay open until we have a manpage ourselves.


Well this one is easy, Ian. I can copy from you:

TIME(1)                  Debian GNU/Linux                 TIME(1)

       time - Run programs and state system resources use.

       time  does  not  have  a  useful  man page.  Please do not
       report this as a bug.

       Instead, if you are a competent and  accurate  writer  and
       are  willing to spend the time reading the source code and
       writing good manpages please write a better man page  than
       this one.

       Type time --help for a brief summary of how to use time.

       David MacKenzie wrote the GNU version of time.


Guess I'll leave this open 'til I get 'round to write it up from the info

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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