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Re: auctex & lacheck

  Michael> IMO we cannot force everyone who likes to use lacheck to install
  Michael> emacs.
  Dirk>  I guess you meant to write "to install auctex"?

  Michael>  No, I mean emacs. You simply cannot install the auctex package
  Michael> without having installed emacs. OK, I can and you can probably,
  Michael> too. But what about users who don't know much about computers?
  Michael> Hey, we do get questions like 'What is mount?' from people who
  Michael> start their computer life.

While that is true, I doubt that these same people ask for lacheck. Mount is
a very essential base binary. For obvious reasons, it is described in every
guide to on how to get Linux started.

lacheck is something very different, namely a very optional user
application. Before they will be able to use it, they still will have to
master installing TeX and friends.

I still believe this is a non-issue. Maybe we should discuss this in private.

  Michael>  Auctex may be a great package but I won't install a huge emacs
  Michael> package on a small disk just to get lacheck.

Hard core (La)TeXers can also get it from CTAN. We don't have to provide
everything under the sun in every conceivable way.

  Michael>  I prefer more small packages over fewer large ones.

There are advantages, as there are disadvantages, for both approaches.

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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