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Bug#2256: dpkg 1.0.11: make --new faster, descriptor leaks

Andreas Schwab writes ("Bug#2256: dpkg 1.0.11: make --new faster, descriptor leaks"):
> Package: dpkg
> Here is a patch that makes dpkg-deb much faster on new-style packages,
> and fixes some descriptor leaks.

Thanks.  I'm afraid I'm not really interested in `fixes' for these
`descriptor leaks', since dpkg-deb only ever processes one archive per
run anyway.

Can you please send me (privately) a separate patch or description of
why you think your patches result in a speed improvement, and which
parts are relevant ?

Also, you haven't adhered to my coding style.  Could you do so
please ?  It's generally thought good form to honour the author's
layout when sending patches.


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