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Re: New ncurses packages...

David Engel writes ("Re: New ncurses packages..."):
[ lots of complicated stuff about libraries ]
> > >   Another problem area is the ordering of calls to
> > > the postrm and postinst scripts.  I'm at a loss for a good example
> > > right now, but some problems could be more easily solved if the postrm
> > > for the old package were called after the postinst for the new
> > > package.
> > 
> > That will break lots of things which use install-info, update-rc.d,
> > &c, because they often add things in the postinst and remove them in
> > the postrm without thinking about their arguments.
> This is why I haven't and am not pushing for such a change.  BTW,
> isn't it better to remove these types of things in the prerm?  That's
> where I've been doing them.

Yes, it is better.  The prerm should undo the things that the postinst
does, and the postrm the things that the preinst does.


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