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Re: netpbm vs. pbmplus

And of course, seconds later, I realize there's a simpler way in perl:
	perl -lane 'print if ! -d'
is a filter which will only pass non-directory files, so the original
example becomes

dpkg -L netpbm | perl -lane 'print if ! -d' | tar -T- -cfz netpbm.tar.gz

which even fits on an 80-character line :-)

(Yes, this is a digression; however, it points out just how far you
can go if you *do* learn the full use of the tools...)

>   Hence we should
> make system administration manageable given only the standard Unix
> toolkit.

Frankly, system administration will *never* be manageable using only
the "standard Unix toolkit", on any Unix variant that's come by to
this point. Perhaps I'm biased -- dpkg (*not* dselect) is the main
reason I'm running (and recommending) debian in the first place...

					_Mark_ <eichin@cygnus.com>
					Cygnus Support, Eastern USA

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