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Re: ELF svgalib questions

> Thanks for the help.  Based on those ideas I propose to do the
> following:

This looks good to me, Richard.  I do have a few minor suggestions

> 	svgalib1
> 		Shared libraries
> 		Config files
> 		README.config
> 		Depends: libc5
> 		Conflicts: svgalib
                Conflicts: svgalib (<= whatever the current version is)
		Recommends: svgalib-bin

> 	aout-svgalib
> 		(intended for backward compatibility)
> 		shared & static libraries
> 		Depends: svgalib1,libc4
		Provides: svgalib

> This makes the assumption that (when 1.1 is the stable release) no
> Debian packages will depend on the old a.out svgalib package;
> upgrading to the new svgalib will require any packages that depend on
> an a.out svgalib it to be upgraded also, if only to depend on
> aout-svgalib instead of svgalib.

This removes the need to change dependencies in packages which already
depend on the a.out version.

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