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Re: dpkg, ELF, upgrade order, broken systems

Fernando Alegre writes:
> On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Carl V Streeter wrote:
> > I think that the assertion that all packages could be unpacked in any 
> > order is flawed.  
> I think it is a desirable goal. 

I'd call it noble, and practically speaking, unrealistic.  Especially
when dealing with system innards.
> I think this is much more customizable than adding 
> a field. It will deal with unforeseen problems much better. 

I disagree.  This goes a long way toward the general problem of updating
shared libraries and associated binaries.

> There is a better way to deal with this kind of problem: 
> installation scripts.

Installation scripts can't deal with the fact that if I, say, unpack a new 
major version of libc, and ncurses, and elm, and telnetd, that elm and
telnetd which will assumedly need the new libraries won't work until the
libraries are fully installed.

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