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Bug#2239: Modules requiring arguments

Package: modules
Version: 1.2.8-3

The ne ethernet driver when loaded as a module requires an argument
specifing the io port (because autoprobing is disables when loading as
a module) i.e. I need to do

   modprobe ne io=0x300

Currently there is no was of specifing arguments to modules in the
/etc/modules file - thus:

   ne io=0x300      tries to load 2 modules ne and io=0x300

   "ne io=0x300"    tries to load 2 modules "ne and io=0x300"


I made a quick hack to my /etc/init.d/modules to remove the , from
ne,io=0x300 on the modload line but this is not a good
solution. Really the parsing of the modules file needs to be done
properly on a line by line basis rather than just seding it to remove

Of course I may be missing something obvious about this. :)


Alvar Bray

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