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Bug#2198: uuxqt can't execute rmail

Martin Schulze writes ("Bug#2198: uuxqt can't execute rmail"):
> Unfortunately the program "rmail" from smail is installed in
> /usr/sbin. UUCP (or uuxqt rsp.) searches for it in
> /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin, so it won't find it. (btw: the same
> happens to rsmtp)
> This should be fixed soon, because uucp nukes incoming mails when it
> can't find rmail. :(

This has been reported several times, and each time I've said that I
think that this is a bug in UUCP, because rmail shouldn't be on the
default PATH and so should be in /usr/sbin.

Noone has even contradicted me yet.

> PS: Is anyone able to compile Smail? I'm not due to a wellknown bug in
> many Makefiles.

Are you sure this isn't a bug in make ?  I have an outstanding bug
report against GNU make regarding its failure to handle Smail's


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