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Debian/68k: The following patches have been submitted!

Hello fellow developers!

As you might (or might not) already know: I am coordinating the uploads
to U-Mainz by the 68k and Alpha developers (Hah! Apparently i am the only
one working with an Alpha :( ...)

The 68k people have been very busy and many packages are already available
in binary form. Together with the binary packages some necessary patches
have been submitted to U-Mainz (Ian, i think it would be a good idea to
mirror the m68k stuff over to ftp.debian.org!)

Here is the list:

-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software      821 Jan 10 11:57 bash-1.14.4-3.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software      583 Jan 10 11:58 diff-2.7-7.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software     1542 Jan  8 08:26 dpkg-1.0.8.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software      807 Jan 18 16:00 ld.so-1.7.14-1.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software      633 Jan 18 16:00 sysklogd-1.2-16.diff.gz

-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software    40140 Dec 18 13:00 binutils-2.6-1.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software    14421 Jan 15 14:24 gcc-2.7.2-2.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software      515 Jan 10 11:58 libdb-1.85.2-5.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software    15528 Dec 18 13:22 libgxx-2.7.1-1.diff.gz
-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software     1329 Jan 10 12:02 perl-5.002-3.diff.gz

-rw-r--r--   1 linux    software      933 Jan 10 11:59 man-2.3.10-6.diff.gz

Could those of you in charge of the respective packages please check the diffs
and incorporate them into the mainstream source?

While we are at it: Please remove all -m[345]86 occurances from CFLAGS and
encapsulate all x86 inline assembler with #ifdefs. If possible please provide
a plain ANSI-C version of the respective code as well.

If you want to discuss 68k (or Alpha or Sparc) related topics, please use
the respective Debian lists: debian-{68k,alpha,sparc}@Pixar.COM


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