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Re: gcc-2.7.2-5 and cpp-2.7.2-5 uploaded

>>>>> "me" == Siggy Brentrup <bsb@beck.westfalen.de> writes:

    me> !! After two attempts to upload the 7MB gcc-2.7.2-5.tar.gz file broke
    me> !! with a write error, I gave up for now. In contrast to what
    me> !! README.how-to-upload is stating, I was not able to delete the
    me> !! 5.6MB and 6.4MB parts. Using ncftp I get
    me> !!   gcc-2.7.2-5.tar.gz: Permission denied. (Delete) 
    me> !! The .changes, .deb and .diff.gz files are on chiark.
    me> !!
    me> !! The missing file is on
    me> !!
    me> !! http://www.westfalen.de/private/beck/debian/source/gcc-2.7.2-5.tar.gz
    me> !!
    me> !! I'd be grateful if someone who needn't pay from his own wallet would
    me> !! kindly copy it from there. Otherwise I'll have to wait 'til Monday.

With the help of a friend I got access to a better connected machine this
morning, gcc-2.7.2-5.tar,gz now is in chiark queue directory too and I renamed
the partial uploads in Incoming to bsb-{1st,2nd}-try-BROKEN.


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