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Re: cpp and gcc are both providing elf-gcc

On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Erick Branderhorst wrote:

> > Hmm ... no.  I have installed gcc, but not cpp - to be honest, I'm a bit 
> > confused about this ... doesn't gcc include the preprocessor?  If so, 
> > maybe gcc should provide cpp, which would solve the problem; if not, how 
> > am I managing to use gcc without cpp?
> > 
> > Nikhil.
> The maintainer of the packages is taking care of the control fields and will
> upload them tonight (or soon).
> cpp is used by other programs too, that's why it isn't included in gcc.
> if you don't want gcc but you want ?? (i don't know which package/program it
> was/is) then you need cpp only.
> gcc isn't managing without cpp (I think).

If I get your meaning, gcc includes cpp, but cpp may be wanted by itself 
as well (if you don't have gcc).  Then, surely, gcc should provide cpp - 
if you don't want gcc, just install cpp, if you want both, just install 
gcc.  Wouldn't this work?


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