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Re: dftp & dselect

>behan b. webster writes ("Re: dftp & dselect "):
>> dftp is ideal for keeping your debian installation up to date with the bleedy-
>> edge packages in the development tree.  (or so I've found)
>> I find that I prefer to use dpkg and dftp to keep my system upto date
>> rather than using dselect.  (I just find it's easier).
>Have you tried dselect ?  dselect's only weakness atm in this area is
>that the package listing display isn't ideal for seeing what new
>packages are available, so that you can put them on hold to prevent
>them from being upgraded.

Since you sent this message I decided to try dselect again (I hadn't used
it for awhile).  I'm afraid I came away with the same feeling I had before.
Namely that it does way more than I need, in a fashion that's hard to
understand.  I find that using only 3 commands can get me much further
than using dselect.

	dpkg --install filename.deb
	dpkg --purge   package
	dpkg -l

Add dftp and stir.  IMHO, easy to understand and use.  Minimalist interface,
yes...  But it does what I need it to do very well, and nothing else.  I
very rarely have to use anything else to keep my debian system up to date.

Having said that, I don't want to imply that dselect is a bad program.  It
just isn't for me.  I feel that it has a lot of good features and a lot of
potential to become extremely easy to use and learn.  IMHO it just isn't
there now.

I would like to compliment the author(s) of dpkg and the architects of the
whole debian packaging system.  It sure makes maintaining linux
installations easy!

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