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Re: dftp & dselect

>If there is demand I can make dselect (optionally) display the version
>numbers of the installed and available versions of a package, and have
>it sort new packages first.

Yes!  Again, the strength of dftp when doing upgrades is that is
presents only what you need to know for upgrading and nothing else.

A toggle on dselect that caused it to only show new packages might do
just the trick!  A comparison to any installed version would also be
nice.  I don't, for example, reinstall the X fonts just because the
revision number changed.  They're just too big.

>> The latest version of dftp will now run on an NFS mount, CD-ROM, etc.,
>> so you can determine what has changed between what is installed and
>> what is available on distributions other than FTP.
>I think this is unwise.  I don't think people should use dftp to
>upgrade their systems if they're using NFS or CD-ROM; I think they
>should use dselect.

Again, it's just a matter of how the information is presented.  This was
done by me at the request of several users, so there is obviously a demand
for it.

>Have you tried dselect ?  dselect's only weakness atm in this area is
>that the package listing display isn't ideal for seeing what new
>packages are available, so that you can put them on hold to prevent
>them from being upgraded.

That's exactly why dftp still has some small advantage over dselect.

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    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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