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Bug#2087: ppmforge seg faults

> >Just so you know, the netpbm ppmforge does not have this problem with
> >ppmforge -- it also seems to solve several other problems with
> My ppmforge does have this problem.

Well, mine seems to work. :)

> I was working on one but if you'd prefer to do it, that's fine too.  If
> you can depend on libgr, that'd be cool too.

Sorry, I hadn't been sure you were working on it.  As I just wrote in
a previous e-mail, I would be happy to send you the stuff I've made,
and let you take over.

For the past semester I've been helping with moving my College's
academic computing structure over from an old mainframe to a
WinNT/UNIX set of servers -- and I've not had any free time until now.
That free time will disappear again once classes start, so I would be
happy if people could take the packages I am doing off my hands.


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