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Bug#2078: bind not working properly

> Package: bind
> Version: 4.9.3BETA26-3
> This is the BIND under 1.0 I'm referring to.  I have multiple domains that
> I serve here - I set up the named.boot file and all that jazz as per
> normal - however, after reloading (and yes, the serial number was updated)
> and doing a "host -lav <domain>" at the prompt it would give an error
> of "Broken Pipe" and wouldn't let me ask the zone transfer - even from the
> machine that served the domain.
> Problem was solved by going back to the version of bind in the stable tree
> and all appears fine now.
> The ELF verison of bind didn't report any abnormal errors once I created the
> domain - it logged to the syslog that it loaded fine with such and such a
> serial number (normal).

Hi - The `host' program comes from the netstd package. Can you tell me what
version of that you have installed?

Also, it would help to know if any other programs had trouble with the new
bind package, especially client programs like telnet, ftp, etc.

I'm not able to reproduce this particular problem myself (bind-4.9.3BETA26-3;
netstd-1.25-1; named.boot with 4 primary and 2 secondary zones) so the more
information I can get the better.

Robert Leslie

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