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Re: Still need to be converted to ELF

>    A quick scan of one of my systems revealed that the packages listed
>    below have not been converted to ELF yet and moved into the archive.
>    Please note that this list is not exhaustive.  It only includes those
>    packages that I currently have installed.
> I'm working converting my packages to ELF: ...

OK.  I got a few responses which said go ahead and a couple which said
they were just about ready to rebuild for ELF.  Since I got bored
yesterday and have already rebuilt several packages, I'm going to go
ahead and upload them.  Watch for the announcements shortly.  If the
normal maintainers don't like what I've done, let Ian Murdock know so
he can delete the offending packages from the ftp site.

I am currently running all of the new packages and have not noticed
any problems.  I am a little concerned though about some of the
packages which were rebuilt with ncurses instead of termcap.  FYI, I
have been hearing rumors that H.J. Lu is going to reinstate the old
termcap library due to the flaky termcap support in ncurses.  Ncurses
will still replace the old BSD-derived curses, however.

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