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Bug#2151: debian rpc.nfsd doesn't handle creat() on device nodes

Package: netstd
Version: 1.21-1
Item: /usr/sbin/rpc.nfsd, "Universal NFS Server, version 2.2beta5"

When an Sun NFS client (such as a SunOS diskless kernel) attempts to
open /dev/console via a linux NFS server, it fails, because the client
attempts a "create". While this denial might seem reasonable at first
glance, since it's Sun's protocol, what SunOS wants is by definition
right :-)

I can include tcpdump output, if you need it. Here are the ChangeLog
entries from the Universal NFS server Release 2.1:

Thu Nov  4 22:20:51 1993  Rick Sladkey  (jrs@lepton)

	* nfsd.c (nfsd_nfsproc_create_2): it seems incredible
	but the latest patch still didn't allow SunOS to say
	echo >/dev/null on a read-only filesystem.  One more try.

Thu Oct 28 21:02:39 1993  Rick Sladkey  (jrs@lepton)

	* nfsd.c (nfsd_nfsproc_create_2): allow buggy SunOS
	clients to `create' existing char and block devices on
	read-only filesystems.

The 2.1 rpc.nfsd does work with my SunOS machine, and I'm using that
instead for now.
					_Mark_ <eichin@cygnus.com>
					Cygnus Support, Eastern USA

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