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Bug#2150: Shortcoming, missing Dvorak keyboard layouts.

System: Debian 0.93R6

Package: kbd-0.90-3.deb
Keyboard layouts:

included:   two-handed Dvorak

missing:   left-handed Dvorak
          right-handed Dvorak
I use the right-handed Dvorak keyboard layout on DOS and
I feel handicapped without it on Linux.
(I have a bad left elbow.)

The three layouts are documented in:
"MS-DOS 6.2 Concise User's Guide", @ 1993 Microsoft Corp.,
pgs 110-111, "Keyboard Layouts for Single-Handed Users",
part of Appendix A.
Illustrations of the layouts are provided.

The MS-DOS file is on the MS-DOS Supplemental Disk.
You can download it from the Microsoft Download Service (MSDL)
@ 206-936-6735, 0230-0100 Pacific time, 1200-9600bps, 8-0-1.
For info call: 800-426-9400 voice
               206-635-4948 text telephone.


The above reflects the observations of myself only, unless stated otherwise.

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