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Bug#2145: lrzsz man pages OR groff OR man is broken

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Holland <93djh2@eng.cam.ac.uk> writes:

    Dave> Package: lrzsz
    Dave> Version: 0.11

    Dave> Package: groff
    Dave> Version: 1.09-4

    Dave> Package: man
    Dave> Version: 2.3.10-1

    Dave> `man lsz' and `man lrz' produce many error messages from man and eqn and
    Dave> some garbage output, such as:

    Dave> man: ignoring unknown preprocessor `R'
    Dave> man: ignoring unknown preprocessor `v'

This problem is well understood, man tries incorrectly to use a groff
comment as a preprocessor specification (a Sun man extension) and you
get the above rubbish.

The easiest fix is to get the lz/rz man pages fixed by removing the
Revision level line at the beginning. I am also trying to get man
modified so it is sensible about this feature and bottle out if it get
chars it doesnt understand.

Could  Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@lot49.med.miami.edu> the lzrz/minicom
maintainer please fix lz/rz and/or minicom.



Alvar Bray

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