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List of pseudo-packages

The list of pseudo-packages for the Package line of a bug report is
now available on the WWW and from the bug tracking system's mail
responder at debian-bugs-request@pixar.com.

For reference, here it is:

(base)                  General bugs in the base system.
(bootdisk)              Bugs in the bootdisk.
(rootdisk)              Bugs in the rootdisk.
(debian-bugs)           The bug tracking system, debian-bugs@pixar.com.
(ftp.debian.org)        Problems with the FTP site.
(www.debian.org)        Problems with the WWW site.
(manual)                Bugs in the manual.
(project)               Problems related to Project administration
                        (e.g., that the Guidelines are out of date).
(general)               General problems (e.g., that many manpages
                        are mode 755).

The parentheses ( ) are significant.


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