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Re: dftp & dselect

>> Dftp presents the user with a list of all packages that are new or
>> have been updated and allows the user to choose which ones to
>> retrieve/install.  Dselect, on the other hand, requires that you
>> know the package you want to install.
>I still don't see much difference here.  Dselect presents you with a
>list of *all* packages, including new ones, then downloads the
>selected ones.
>It's easy to overlook new packages using dselect, though, because the
>screen is so busy.  Also, with dselect you have to choose the packages
>you *don't* want to upgrade, because it selects them all for you.  :-/

I wasn't aware that dselect highlighted updated packages in any way.
I have yet to actually use its ftp method, though I have used it to
remove or fix packages.

>> The latest version of dftp will now run on an NFS mount, CD-ROM,
>> etc., so you can determine what has changed between what is
>> installed and what is available on distributions other than FTP.
>Can't the dselect hard disk installation method be used to accomplish
>the same thing?

Yes, this is why dselect and dftp now overlap.

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    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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