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Re: umount -n (was Re: Halt script)

I think that "umount" was modified to make the "-n" flag unnecessary.
In other words, it detects the mtab-unwritable condition, and proceeds.
However, removing the flag was the wrong thing to do. It should have been
left in, and marked "obsolete" in the man page, so that existing scripts
would not be broken.

Miquel, in the halt and reboot scripts where it says:

	echo -n "Unmounting file systems... "
	umount -a 2>/dev/null
	# If root is mounted read-only the above will have failed.
	umount -a -n
	echo "done."

You can probably now replace that with:

	echo -n "Unmounting file systems... "
	umount -a
	echo "done."


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