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Re: Static vs Dynamic Linking

>>>>> "brian" == "brian (b c ) white" <bcwhite@bnr.ca> writes:

    >> Sorry folks, the man-2.3.10-7 I released yesterday was statically
    >> linked against libc. (my latest upgrade went wrong). :(
    >> This version is dynamically linked:

    brian> What is the procedure for checking if a binary is statically linked?
    brian> I was under the impression that gcc used shared libraries unless
    brian> it was given the "-static" flag.  Is this correct?

ldd will show what dynamic libraries are required by an executable.

The problem was (AFAIK) that ldconfig did not get run correctly after
a rather chaotic upgrade. gcc/ld found no dynamic lib c so it used the
fallback static one instead.

Reinstalling both lib5c packages fixed the problem.


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