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Re: dftp & dselect

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996 12:25:00 -0500 , "brian (b.c.) white" <bcwhite@bnr.ca> said:

> It seems that the functionality of 'dftp' and 'dselect' now overlap.
> dselect now has an FTP method and dftp can work off of NFS mounts,
> CD-ROM, and a hard drive.  The primary difference now seems to be
> that dselect is geared toward selecting packages while dftp is
> geared towards keeping an istallation up-to-date (upgrading).

I don't follow.  I use dselect/ftp to upgrade my system.  Could you
elaborate a little more on the difference between dftp and dselect/ftp
method?  To the casual observer, they appear to do the same
thing--dftp just has more features.


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