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dftp & dselect

It seems that the functionality of 'dftp' and 'dselect' now overlap.
dselect now has an FTP method and dftp can work off of NFS mounts,
CD-ROM, and a hard drive.  The primary difference now seems to be that
dselect is geared toward selecting packages while dftp is geared
towards keeping an istallation up-to-date (upgrading).

To this end, I'm thinking about change the name to 'dupgrade' or
something.  Anybody have any suggestions?

On another note, I'm still planning a perl version and I thought I would
ask everybody what they would like to see in it.  This is your chance
to put input into a new package!

Ideally, I suppose, it would interface cleanly with dselect.  With
dselect's new FTP ability, this should not be too difficult.  Perhaps
it would just be a menu option in dselect that would scan the
distribution and compare it against the installed packages to suggest
which packages to upgrade, allowing the user to select the ones they
want.  This is exactly what dftp does now.  After that, though,
instead of just doing the FTP (cd-rom, nfs, etc) install, it would
drop into dselect's package selector that would resolve dependancies
and the like.

Please let me know what you think about this.

                                 ( bcwhite@bnr.ca )

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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