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Bug#2074: Bug# 2032: 2036. Printer stuck #4.

Sorry for the late reply.  Had to move offices...

I checked carefully your inouts and other than suspecting either editing
or aliasing of regular commands (there is no standard lsmo command, for
eample) I do not seems to be able to track your problem yet.

I have the lp running fine with AMI BIOS and/or Phoenix on 486 EISA
machines, PCI Pentium machines with the SuperIO chip, three different
no-name multi I/O cards, another seria/parallel ancient card.  It works
flawlessly for countless others.

Since you indicate that Linux tricks the system on shutdown so that even
the BIOS does not see the port until you do a hardware reset, I suspect
the problem to be an interaction between your particular hardware and
Linux.  I have no way to test it.  Since you have Linux sources, can you
please put some debug messages in the init routine of the lp driver?
Put a kprintf statement every few lines in this routine and other
related ones to show us where things go.
A good way to go it is simply to add a line #define LP_DEBUG right under
where it says #undef LP_DEBUG, at the start of drivers/char/lp.c.  Then
just build a noew kernel, with parallel port enabled.  NOT modules.  Let
me know what you learn there.

Sincerely Yours,

Simon Shapiro                       i-Connect.Net, a Division of iConnect Corp.
Shimon@i-Connect.Net                13455 SW Allen Blvd., Suite 140
503.677.2911                        Beaverton, OR 97008

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