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Re: ftp method v2

In article <[🔎] m0tYdTj-0002YUC@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> you write:
>Andy Guy writes ("ftp method v2"):
>> eg, if:
>> Filename: development/binary/text/a2gs-1.0-4.deb 
>> looks for "a2gs-1.0-4.deb" in the ls -lR listing (it will probably
>> find it in "text/" !).
>> If it cannot find a Filename field it falls back on using
>> pkgname-ver[-rev].deb.
>That's an improvement, but still not foolproof.  Can you get it to
>download just the start of the file and then abort the transfer ?

Yes, its possible, but you then need to actually do the ftp from perl itself,
in order to have that much control over the transfer. And not all servers
correctly understand the ABOR sequence. (Eg a well know PC ftpd simply
repeats the last command typed back at you!).

If anyone wants, I have some perl source to do an ftp lying around.


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