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Re: ftp method v2

Andy Guy writes ("ftp method v2"):
> eg, if:
> Filename: development/binary/text/a2gs-1.0-4.deb 
> looks for "a2gs-1.0-4.deb" in the ls -lR listing (it will probably
> find it in "text/" !).
> If it cannot find a Filename field it falls back on using
> pkgname-ver[-rev].deb.

That's an improvement, but still not foolproof.  Can you get it to
download just the start of the file and then abort the transfer ?

> To install, untar the attached file and copy into
> /usr/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp

Can you recommend people put this in /usr/local/lib/dpkg/methods,
please ?  That way if anything breaks it will be obvious what is part
of the dpkg package proper and what is locally installed.

> Compile the dvercmp.c file, and put the executable some where in the
> default path (/usr/local/bin)
> Create a directory /var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp

You could supply a tarfile that contains
 /var/lib/dpkg/methods/ftp/ [empty directory]
> Install:
> [ description ]

Does this mean that you have to have enough spare disk space to
contain all the files you're installing ?

> [...]
> To interface to ftp program it creates a .netrc file (there is no way
> to use an alternate .netrc file from ftp -- arrggghhh), it tries to
> keep your current .netrc intact and not leave a .netrc lying around at
> the end - but it may.

Why not do without a netrc and use `ftp -n' and `user anonymous
<email>' ?

> I havn't changed the default .deb filename to include two hyphens, it
> is a trival change but not really necessary now I use the Filename:
> field.

That's fine, thanks.


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