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Re: Bug#2092: procps needs an update for kernels > 1.3.53

David Engel writes:
 > alegre@mars.superlink.net:
 > > Could you be more specific about whom you contacted? Could you give a
 > > name and e-mail address?
 > > 
 > > It's not clear to me who is the upstream maintainer of this package now.
Well, I meant the original maintainer of procps 0.97,
chuckb@Alice.Wonderland.Caltech.EDU (Chuck L. Blake). I uploaded my
version because I wanted some fixes in the debian distribution and
didn't know who was responsible for the package.

 > The procps-0.98 I got off of sunsite works for me.  There were only a
 > couple of minor changes need to convert it from termcap to ncurses.
 > First, change all occurences of -ltermcap to -lncurses in the Makefile.
 > Second, change all occurences of clrtoeol and clrtobot to something
 > else (I used top_clrtoeol and top_clrtobot) in a couple of .c files
 > since they conflict with functions in ncurses.
Could you please tell me, where exactly you got that from ?
I can't find any procps-0.98 on Incoming or system/Status/ps.


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