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Re: Bug#2092: procps needs an update for kernels > 1.3.53

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, Helmut Geyer wrote:


> I have sent several patches to the procps maintainer several months ago 
> and he promised to release a new version RSN. As this didn't happen,
> I have put together a procps suite including the patches from sunsite
> and some other fixes (e.g. the signal and cmd handling are broken in 
> procps as well).

Could you be more specific about whom you contacted? Could you give a
name and e-mail address?

It's not clear to me who is the upstream maintainer of this package now.

>  As I do not have current ncurses (needed for top and pstree) and the 
> system should be tested before releasing it, I didn't make
> any binary package. The source package procps-test.tar.gz has been 
> uploaded to ftp.debian.org. THIS IS NO PACKAGE MEANT FOR INSTALLING 
> right now, please test it and tell me how yopu like it.

I tested your patch and both top and oldtop segfault. I guess it has 
something to do with ncurses stuff but I haven't look into it yet.


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