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Bug#2104: dvips doesn't provide color

Package: dvipsk
Version: 5.58f-3

I have tried two approaches to obtaining color output from dvips,
and both produce only black and white.

The first method uses the older(?) colordvi package:

Some text.

In this case, dvips never sends a special.pro or a color.pro header to
the output file.  Only texc.pro is sent.  I can force the inclusion of
texc, special, and color by using the -h option on the dvips command
line, but the outcome is the same.  (See below.)


The second method I've tried is to use the LaTeX-2e color package:

    Some text.

In this case, dvips sends texc.pro, then special.pro, then color.pro to
the output file.

In both cases, the output file can be read and presented by ghostscript
(via xv), but it appears in only black and white.

I am using LaTeX-2e, revision 4.

Susan Kleinmann

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