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Bug#2081: named does not start

Michael Alan Dorman writes ("Bug#2081: named does not start"):
> In message <[🔎] m0tX5me-0000urC@gauguin.softmind.interpac.be>, Jean-Marc Bourguet w
> rites:
> >PS=`ps -p $PID 2>/dev/null| tail -1 | grep named`
> You might want to make this
> PS=`ps -p $PID 2>/dev/null| tail -1 | grep named | grep -v grep`
> so that it doesn't pick up the grep process as well.

Don't do things like this in production code.  What if some poor
user's process happens to contain the string `named' ?

This is what programs like start-stop-daemon are for.

(I'm glad to see that the package maintainer has fixed the problem,
I'm just pointing out that this kind of trick with ps may be all very
well for a quick hack, but that Debian isn't just a quick hack.)


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