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Bug#2081: named does not start

Package: bind
Version: 4.9.3-BET-1

>From time to time, named didn't start when booting. After some search,
I've found that it was when fsck checked the disks. The problem was
caused by the code in ndc which checks the presence of named: it
checks only the presence of a process with the PID in
/var/run/named.pid. So I suggest to change the line 19 of /usr/sbin/ndc

PS=`ps -p $PID 2>/dev/null| tail -1 | grep $PID`


PS=`ps -p $PID 2>/dev/null| tail -1 | grep named`

so that only a process called named with the right PID will cause
ndc thinks that named is running.

-- Jean-Marc Bourguet

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