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Re: Bug#2065: single user isn't

On Tue, 26 Dec 1995, David Engel wrote:

> > Which brings up another question: in libc 5.2.18, struct utmp was changed.
> > At least I think it was 5.2.18, so 5.2.17 should be OK. To maintain
> > compatibility with a.out and programs compiled with libc < 5.2.18, I
> > think I'll downgrade 1 patchlevel. I hope HJ Lu sees this is a mistake and
> > backs it off in 5.2.20. Such a change should go into libc 5.3....
> > 
> > Does anybody know more about this?
> No, but I've forwarded this to H.J. Lu.  He's in the process of moving
> cross country though, so I don't know when or if he'll get it.

That may be my last emai for a while :-(. The change was made
in libc 5.2.10 and was documented in ChangeLog. Personally,
I think programs should use the interface provided in
<utmp.h> to access struct utmp, just like stdio. I am using
rxvt and it works just fine.

The ut_id field in struct utmp was changed from 2 to 4 bytes.
Due to the padding, programs using the utmp interface do not
have any problems.


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