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Re: Buglist

In article <940C5860283@espoo.fipower.fi> "Lauri Tischler" <ltischler@fipower.fi> writes:

> From: "Lauri Tischler" <ltischler@fipower.fi>
> Date:          Wed, 20 Dec 1995 09:22:46 GMT +2
> X-Mailing-List: <debian-user@Pixar.com> archive/latest/3596

> Last night, not having anything sensible, like sleeping, to do,
> I was browsing thru the BugList.
> It appears that there is a number of Bugs reported which are really 
> no longer valid, they point to old Debian (0.95) or maybe to a really 
> old application package which has been replaced long time ago.
> What could be done about them ?
> Could I help ?  How ?
> I'm not much of a C-programmer but I can read and bang the keyboard :)

I sent him the following answer:

: By default the package maintainer handles the bug reports. So you
: should ask the maintainer of the package whether you could assist him
: in handling bug reports.
: If it is really obvious that the bug doesn't exist anymore, close the
: bug and send a Cc to the maintainer.
: If you send the originator a mail (e.g. a request for details), send a
: Cc to debian-bugs. (You might use the 'quiet' Header entry.)
: There were some maintainership-giveaways recently, so some people who
: received these packages didn't release corrected versions yet.
: I used to keep some private comments regarding the state of some bug
: report in private files, but when more than one person handles bugs,
: this won't share the knowledge. So everything should be Cc-ed to
: debian-bugs.

Any comments ?

Some suggestions for the bug reporting system:
- It is possible to mark a message quiet in order to get it not echoed
  at debian-devel. Is there a way to make answers to it be not echoed
  too ? (e.g. by introducing a debian-bugs-quiet alias)
- Or what do you think about moving all bug-system messages to another
  mailing list ?
- There was a suggestion that bug reports are directly sent to the
  package maintainer. Is this still planned ?

Sven Rudolph (sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de); WWW : http://www.sax.de/~sr1/

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