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Re: New lib{db,gdbm,readline}

> R> Here are new versions of libdb, libgdbm and libreadline.  Please
> R> note that this version of libgdbm will break the current perl and
> R> man pages. Please wait for new version of these packages before
> R> upgrading.
> Is this still true?  I thought there might have been a later posting
> that said that this was only a problem in extreme circumstances, but
> now I can't find the message.

ELF versions of perl prior to 5.002-3 and ELF versions of man prior to
2.3.10-6 were linked against libgdbm with the wrong soname.
They will break when libgdbm1 is installed. 
The latest version of libgdbm1 therefore Conflicts: with these versions.

Hope this helps,
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