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Re[2]: Linux Kernel 1.3.47 Uploaded

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Subject: Re: Linux Kernel 1.3.47 Uploaded
Author:  "mitchell"@mdd.comm.mot.com@INTERNET@MAILGW at DECPostmaster
Date:    20/12/95 3:31 PM

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Simon Shapiro wrote:

>> 2.  I'd like to throw away the 387 emulation for the compiled kernel.
>> Anyone knows why I should keep it there?  I do not believe it to be
>> necessary for the installation, but i have been wrong before.

>I'm typing this on a machine with a bare 386 and no 387.  I note
>that the Kernel HOWTO in /usr/doc says that, with this 
>configuration, the question about Kernel math emulation must be 
>answered 'y'. Is that now outdated?

No, every program compiled requires floating point as the crt.o (or 
something like that) does a floating point call, unless you hack that
and recompile all your programs you need floating point.

Note my email address is andrew@it.com.au (reply address is quite 
likely corrupt)


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