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Re: Linux Kernel 1.3.47 Uploaded

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Subject: Linux Kernel 1.3.47 Uploaded
Author:  "Shimon"@teleport.com@INTERNET@MAILGW at DECPostmaster
Date:    20/12/95 1:05 PM

>Hi to all,

>I uploaded kernel 1.3.47 to ftp.debian.org in /debian/private/project/Incoming.
>In addition to the .changes, I should also mention the following:

>2.  I'd like to throw away the 387 emulation for the compiled kernel. 
>Anyone knows why I should keep it there?  I do not believe it to be 
>necessary for the installation, but i have been wrong before.

That would be very bad, anyone with a 386 that doesn't have a 387 
wouldn't be able to use the Kernel, that would include 2 of our debian 


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